Flexible, Smart GIS Engine

PCSWMM is the most powerful urban drainage modeling application for working with GIS/CAD-based data. PCSWMM enables both engineers and GIS professionals to work on the same data, improving workflow and collaboration. PCSWMM supports the leading open standard and proprietary GISand CAD formats, including ArcGIS, Geo media SQL, MapInfo, Micro station, AutoCAD, GML, OpenGIS SQL, KML and many others (over 30 vector and raster formats supported), giving you the option to work with whichever file format are required, greatly increasing the flexibility of both your model building and analysis toolset.

PCSWMM's high-performance, scalable GIS engine provides powerful GIS analysis and hydraulic modeling in a single stand-alone environment, with no other third-party licenses required. You can create, edit modify, run, map, analyze, design and optimize your GIS-based sewer network models and instantly review, query and display simulation results either from within the optimized PCSWMM interface or from within Google Earth, ArcGIS, or the GIS of your choice – it’s up to you.

PCSWMM applications in Phnom Penh (left) using Ikon os satellite imagery as a mapping base and Rattanakosin Village, Rangsit (right) using Google Earth as a mapping base.

PCSWMM automatically maintains a standard, fully accessible US EPA SWMM5 input file at all times. Support is provided for using other SWMM5 data editors (e.g. US EPA SWMM5 interface, or in-house tools), as edits to the input file are detected and the SWMM model GIS layers are automatically updated.

PCSWMM provides direct support for opening, editing, running, plotting and analyzing any existing SWMM5 models, as well as importing/converting SWMM4 models.